Clients feel special because their treatment is designed specifically to address their unique combination of issues. They resolve issues that prevent themĀ  from experiencing happiness and success in all aspects of their lives.They become more assertive, more confident and more motivated while depression and anxieties have diminished.


  • “I was young (just 16) when we started working together. I didn’t understand nor did I appreciate then how much you helped me to change my compulsive behavior. I still am in college, but as soon as I graduate and can pay for my own treatment I will work with you again”
    Scott A. from Ann Arbor
  • “We had filed already for divorce when we came to see you. You challenged us to understand ourselves and each other and to change ourselves rather than each other. We thank you for helping us out of the pit we were in. We are now more happily married than we could have ever imagined”
    Josh and Audrey G. from Birmingham
  • “I used to escape my problems (and fears) through tranquilizers and pain killers. You helped me work through the childhood abuse and now I keep my stress under control by cardio work outs, volunteering and talking with you! I wish I had known you many years ago”
    Angie H. from Rochester