How We Heal


Our approach is Cognitive and Behavioral with solution focused treatment designed to resolve issues of each client.

We do an in depth initial assessment including client’s physical health, diet and nutrition, exercise, family and career issues, social interests and support groups, addictions and also a history of physical and or sexual abuse before determining a treatment plan and a diagnosis. We try to “see” ourselves in the client’s shoes to better understand the client as a whole person. We help to set and to achieve both short and long term goals. We give assignments between appointments. These might be journal or letter writing, conversations to have or tasks to be completed.¬†Although our approach is supportive, insightful and encouraging, none the less we are¬†seen as a no nonsense therapist.

Compassionate Care for Personal Growth

Treatment is:

  • Solution oriented
  • Client focused
  • Unique to each individual
  • Based on short and long term goals